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Award Winning Cake Flavors and Filling
          Wedding / Groom & Party Cake / Cupcakes

Congrats on your upcoming Wedding Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Baby Shower, etc!
Knowing that "THE CAKE" is one of the most important focal points of your day, we believe it should be more than beautiful- it should taste like one of the best sweet treats you and your guests have ever eaten.

With your Award Winning Cakes by Carolynn Cake, you are sure to impress your guests...We have a tremendous selection of Cake Flavors and Fillings to choose from:

Cake Flavors

- Vanilla (white)
- Yellow
- Chocolate
- White Amaretto
- Yellow Amaretto
- Chocolate Amaretto
- Sunshine Orange


- Yellow Butternut (no nuts)
- Butter Rum

- Lemon
- Butter

Swirl Cakes (fruit swirls in the cake itself)
- Raspberry
- Strawberry
- Blueberry
- Cherry
- Lemon
- Marble


Cake Fillings
- Bavarian Cream
- Chocolate Bavarian
- Raspberry
- Strawberry
- Lemon


Extra Special Cakes
- Old Fashioned Carrot
- German Chocolate
- Chocolate Walnut
- Chocolate Chip (in chocolate or white cake)
- Red Velvet
- White or Chocolate Almond (w/Almond Slivers)
- Coconut
- Pina Colada
- Key Lime
- Chocolate Cream De Menthe
- Mocha

- Confetti

-Chocolate Peppermint

-Pumpkin (seasonal)

-Eggnog (seasonal)

-Gingerbread (seasonal)

Extra Special Cake Fillings
- Cream Cheese


- Coconut Cream
- German Chocolate
- Fudge

- Blueberry


- Cherry



- Cherry Nut




- Cookie Crunch



- Peanut Butter

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